The white wrapped corpse

lying on the icy floor

Mourns like humming

pierced all ears

The clamor of bangles

came to an end suddenly

Vermillion flowed through her forehead

The redness was her life

She could feel the darkness embracing her

When the fire swallowed the lifeless body

her dreams and happiness burned into ashes

Colors and smile became strange

A white cloth covered that living body

A change was not new to her

As per their wish she was moulded

As per the their need she was used

Was she a puppet?

May be she is.

Dry rain

The same droplet, the same smell

The same water, the same sky

But nothing seems to me as sweet as old

My root, no longer deep enough

To absorb this flowing currant

Water flowing and corpses moving around

Like the forgotten memories waiting to have a hold

Like drying up itself water flowed to this arid earth

Where people lives with their perishable empire

Water flushed out through them

But they stood like inside a rain coat

No shivering, no throwback

Nothing could alter them

As there is nothing they know here

And for no reason it poured down.

My window

Come to that window

The white bars of this window is rusted now.

Once I pressed my watery fingers on them.

You can still feel the moisture

You press your fingers there and get a tight grip

So that you don’t miss what my eyes behold.

Hold your eyes wide open to see what I saw

You can see what I craved for.

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